Jordan Clarkson gives assist to Filipino food truck in Utah hit by racist graffiti

A day after the Utah Jazz took Game 1 against the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals, NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jordan Clarkson dished out a much-needed assist to a Filipino-owned food truck based in Salt Lake City which was vandalized with racist graffiti.

The World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck, which serves Filipino culinary staples such as sisig, pancit, and adobo, had discriminatory language usually hurled at Asians spray painted on its side.

"We are not going to have hatred stop us from sharing our culture," a post on the establishment's Facebook page read. "Thank you for all the people reaching out. We are just so hurt right now and don't what to comment on anything. Please don't be offended if we don't answer any questions at this time."

Clarkson got wind of the incident and vowed to take care of the food truck's restoration.

"It hurt me deeply to see that Salt Lake's @yumyumasian food truck was recently vandalized - I know the pain that hateful language and racism causes. With help from @identitygraphix we'll be able to restore the truck and hopefully lift Ben and his family's spirit!! #StopAsianHate," tweeted Clarkson Thursday morning (Manila time).

World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck thanked Clarkson for helping them bounce back.

"Thank you @JordanClarksons for not only wrapping our food truck, but also for having it detailed at Gorilla Car Wash & for your continued support & encouragement. It means THE WORLD to the community & to us," posted the owner in its official Twitter account.

They also shared a lengthier message on Facebook: "It has been an emotional few days. The love and support that we got from all of you has been deeply heartfelt. My family can't thank you guys enough. Special thanks to Utah Jazz's Jordan Clarkson and Dan from Identity graphics for the new look," they said.

"Love prevails. We are going to have our grand reopening this Saturday at the Philippine Independence Day celebration in slc (Salt Lake City)," they continued.

The high-scoring guard with roots in Pampanga fired 18 points, hauled in two rebounds, and gave an assist in Utah's nail-biting 112-109 win against the Clippers in Game 1.