'Don't stop believing': Jeremy Lin rooting for undrafted Kai Sotto

Jeremy Lin urges undrafted Kai Sotto to keep believing (2:04)

2019 NBA champion Jeremy Lin believes all is not lost for Kai Sotto after the Philippine prospect missed out on being picked up in the 2022 NBA draft. (2:04)

After Kai Sotto's dream of playing in the NBA took a setback as he was passed on by all 30 teams in Thursday's draft, Jeremy Lin's advice to the Philippine prospect is to keep believing.

Lin, who also went undrafted in 2010, would go on to sign for the Golden State Warriors before taking the NBA by storm after moving to the New York Knicks -- leading to the rise of "Linsanity" in the 2011-12 season.

Having had to get there the hard way, Lin -- an NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors in 2019 -- hopes others like himself and Sotto realise their careers are not necessarily defined by whether their name gets called out on draft night.

"I've met Kai, I've played against Kai, I've played with Kai. During the G League Ignite, I spent a couple of days with them so I'm rooting for him too," Lin told ESPN, in an interview that took place right as Thursday's draft was taking place.

"At the same time, maybe I'm biased but I just don't feel like draft night is like... (pauses) because there's so many people that get drafted and fall out. And then there's so many people don't get drafted and then fall in.

"To me, it's a benchmark for where you are today but it's not at all an indicator of where you will be down the road."

Sotto can still aim to get an invite for the 2022 NBA Summer League which begins on July 7, where he could still earn a training camp deal or two-way contract should he impress sufficiently.

Alternatively, the 20-year-old 7-foot-2 center also has the option of returning to Australia's NBL, where he still has two more years (with the second a team option) of a three-year deal with the Adelaide 36ers.

And Lin believes it is important that Sotto continues to retain faith in his ability and work hard to ensure going undrafted is a mere setback.

"If they get drafted, I think every player -- including Kai -- needs to understand that, 'okay, a team believes in me but I need to continue to work so that I can really earn their trust and be here long term'," added Lin.

"And if he doesn't get drafted, I would also say 'hey, it's okay'. Because you know who you are as a player and maybe if you just continue to show them, over time you will find a home.

"The biggest thing is draft night is just one snapshot in a very long film.

"And I just hope that he continues to believe in himself, stay confident, keep working hard and just trust that, 'as long as I stay consistent, I will find a home'."