Jace Amaro injury a reminder of Jets' second-round curse

Jace Amaro's injury triggers thoughts of Jets' sordid secound-round history. Bill Kostroun/AP Photo

Jace Amaro's unfortunate shoulder injury, which landed him on season-ending injured reserve, got me thinking about the New York Jets' dark history of second-round picks. This isn't to suggest that Amaro is ready for the scrap heap -- this is only his second season -- but you can't help but notice the 40-year trend.

Two of the greatest players in Jets history were second-round picks -- wide receiver Wesley Walker (1977) and defensive end Mark Gastineau (1979). In fact, Gastineau is the most recent second-rounder to make the Pro Bowl. Justin Miller (2005) made it once as a kick returner, but he was the quintessential flash-in-the-pan player, as his career lasted only 46 games.

From Gastineau to the current second-rounder, Devin Smith, the Jets have used 32 picks in the second round and not one has made the Pro Bowl at an offensive or defensive position.

Call it bad drafting, call it rotten luck, call it whatever. It's just mind boggling.

This might be painful, but here's a review of the good, bad and ugly -- mostly, the latter two:


Stephen Hill (2012), Vladimir Ducasse (2010), Miller (2005), Victor Hobson (2003), Dorian Boose (1998), Reggie Terry (1997), Alex Van Dyke (1996), Ryan Yarborough (1994), Coleman Rudolph (1993), Kurt Barber (1992), Browning Nagle (1991), Reggie Rembert (1990), Terry Williams (1988), Alex Gordon (1987), Doug Williams (1986), Glenn Dennison (1984).


Kellen Clemens (2006), Jon McGraw (2002), LaMont Jordan (2001), Lester Lyles (1985), Johnny Hector (1983), Marion Barber (1981).


David Harris (2007), Mike Nugent (2005), Randy Thomas (1999), Matt O'Dwyer (1995), Dennis Byrd (1989), Jim Sweeney (1984), Reggie McElroy (1982), Darrol Ray (1980).


Amaro (2014), Geno Smith (2013).