Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Day 4

Day 3

1017dAndrew Fidel Fernando in Durban

Lasith Embuldeniya fills empty apartment

He has occupied one of the several vacancies in the Sri Lanka XI - that of a match-winning spinner - but can he find a way past a system that has ruined such young talents before?

Day 2

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Sri Lanka 4th innings Partnerships

1st42FDM KarunaratneHDRL Thirimanne
2nd0FDM KarunaratneBOP Fernando
3rd10BOP FernandoBKG Mendis
4th58MDKJ PereraBOP Fernando
5th0MDKJ PereraN Dickwella
6th96MDKJ PereraDM de Silva
7th0RAS LakmalMDKJ Perera
8th9MDKJ PereraL Embuldeniya
9th11MDKJ PereraCAK Rajitha
10th78MDKJ PereraMVT Fernando