20 | 4 Runs | LS-M: 92/9 (64 runs required, RR: 4.60)

  • Roelof van der Merwe12 (14b)
  • Mason Crane2 (3b)
  • Matty Potts3.5-0-19-0
  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman3.5-0-6-2

9.15pm: Right, that's yer lot from another night of the Hundred. Matt Roller's report will be in soon, and he's sharpening his pen for a summary of where London Spirit went wrong, too. Still time for you to brush up in time for the small matter of the Test starting at Trent Bridge tomorrow, as England and India go head to head - it should be a cracker. From myself and Himanshu, it's goodnight and good luck. Ta ra!

9.10pm: That was pretty woeful from Spirit, whose hopes in this tournament now hang by the slenderest of threads. They've lost four out of five (the other was a washout), and will need snookers to get anywhere near the knockouts. Big Willey style was the way to go for Superchargers, with the captain's brutal 81 from 45 followed up by bagging both openers in his initial ten-ball spell. Spirit only had two players score more than 12 in response, and were almost bowled out for less than 100 (which isn't why the competition is so named)

David Willey, as you'd expect, is the Hero of the hour: "Been coming, I've not contributed, so nice to do so tonight. [Captaincy] It's unfortunate circumstances with Faf unavailable, it's a great responsibility, really enjoying the Hundred and nice to contribute. First couple of games we made small mistakes but we're starting to come good and hopefully we can build some momentum. [Personal form] My goal was just to stay fit so a few performances along the way feels good. Every team has some fantastic cricketers, guys are tuning in to watch the Hundred."

Potts to van der Merwe, 1 run, full toss, van der Merwe charges out and clunks one to the cover sweeper. Superchargers win by 64 runs, they have absolutely blitzed the Spirit at Lord's

"50 dots! Good to see Spirit find a half century... a record which stand test of time!" chortles Mike Jones

Potts to Crane, 1 run, banged in back of a length, 83mph and Crane fends it away to leg, just one as Potts gives chase
Potts to van der Merwe, 1 run, length ball, 79mph and he connects with a pull, just a single to deep square

Spirit 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2AM RossingtonJP Inglis
2nd3LM ReeceJP Inglis
3rd44EJG MorganLM Reece
4th7Mohammad NabiEJG Morgan
5th6JL DenlyEJG Morgan
6th1RS BoparaJL Denly
7th22RS BoparaRE van der Merwe
8th0RE van der MerweBC Cullen
9th3RE van der MerweMohammad Amir
10th4RE van der MerweMS Crane