Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 11 Runs | AUS: 117/4 (11 runs required, RR: 5.85)

  • Dan Christian7 (10b)
  • Alex Carey20 (15b)
  • Mahedi Hasan3-0-29-0
  • Mustafizur Rahman4-0-9-0

11.07 pm: Bit of a surprise with Mahmudullah being the player of the match. I'd have thought it was a cinch for the Fizz. But Mahmdullah batted well too. That's it from us for this game's coverage. We'll catch you soon for the fourth T20I.

Mahmudullah is the captain and the Player of the Match: I think the boys stood up at important times. The way they fought tonight was incredible to see. I think it wasn't a 150 wicket. When me and Shakib were batting, we were thinking that one of us has to go through till the 16th or 17th over. One set batter had to be there. For the new batters it was tough. They were bowling well. But (our) bowlers did the job really well, lot of cutters and slower balls. When we were about to go in the field, I wanted Shakib to have a chat with the team. He said that no matter what happens we have to take an early wicket, and get the pressure up. Mustafiz did a brilliant job once again, he was outstanding tonight. We had a chat in Zimbabwe when we finished our T20 games that we need to step up. We felt we are a very good side, though the ranking doesn't show that. But we always felt we are a very balanced side. We just need to play with a big heart and balanced mind while executing our skills.

Matthew Wade: Bowlers have been really good, kept us in most of the games. 120-130. We just didn't take the opportunities with the bat which was disappointing. (Easy chase) Wasn't really the feeling in the box. We know their closing overs are really hard .Some of their bowlers won't give more than four-five runs an over. If the required rate gets up to 6-7 it's challenging and 8 is very difficult. (Nathan Ellis debut) Yeah it's a funny game cricket. He could have gone none for 34, last three balls he's gone 3 for 34. It can turn around really quickly and that's how we'll look at the rest of the series. T20 World Cup coming up so every match is gold.

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Bangladesh win by 10 runs and secure a series against Australia for the first time in any format. A fantastic performance with the ball, led by Mustafizur Rahman. They battled to 127 with the bat then defended like Tigers. When Mitch Marsh and Ben McDermott were together Australia were well placed, but it was very difficult for new batters.

Mahedi Hasan to Christian, 1 run, slings it down the pitch and it's dragged to deep midwicket! Bangladesh have done it
Mahedi Hasan to Christian, no run, full and wide, driven to cover...the celebrations have started!
Mahedi Hasan to Carey, 1 run, round the wicket, fired in at the pads, brilliant comeback from the bowler, only rebounds away for one

Free hit. What drama

Mahedi Hasan to Christian, (no ball) 1 run, big full toss, pulled backward of square but it's only a single...but, oh goodness, it's a no-ball for height!
Mahedi Hasan to Christian, no run, superbly bowled! Gets it very full and Christian can only drill it back to the bowler. Doesn't take a run from the rebound

15 off 4 balls

Mahedi Hasan to Carey, 1 run, gets this very full at the stumps, dragged into the leg side off the bottom edge. Only one. Bangladesh breathe
Mahedi Hasan to Carey, SIX, clears long-on! This isn't over yet, folks. Short outside off, he rocks back and heaves it over the ropes

Australia need 22 off the last over. Mahedi to bowl it. A gamble?

19 | 1 Run | AUS: 106/4 (22 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.57, RRR: 22.00)

  • Dan Christian5 (6b)
  • Alex Carey12 (12b)
  • Mustafizur Rahman4-0-9-0
  • Shoriful Islam4-0-29-2

That's one of the greatest nought-fors I've seen

Mustafizur Rahman to Christian, no run, a yorker outside off, chopped into the ground and bounces to the keeper. Magnificent from Mustafizur, just magnificent
Mustafizur Rahman to Christian, no run, a huge charge down the pitch and misses a wild heave...this is very tough now for Australia
Mustafizur Rahman to Christian, no run, brilliant, again! A cutter that grips from a line heading for the stumps, beats the edge and is through to the keeper

One run off three balls this over...

Mustafizur Rahman to Christian, no run, another dot ball! Gets squared up around middle and leg looking to work to the on side

Saeed Jan: "Poor Ashton Turner, hardly get a proper batting opportunity to show his talent. If he gets dropped it will be very unfortunate for him. "

Mustafizur Rahman to Carey, 1 run, very wide outside, would have been called but Carey walked across the crease and drove it to deep cover
Mustafizur Rahman to Carey, no run, full outside off, he tries to slog-sweep but plays over the top of it. Dot ball. Gold dust

Now then. Does the Fizz bowl this one or the last over? It's this one...

18 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 105/4 (23 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.83, RRR: 11.50)

  • Dan Christian5 (2b)
  • Alex Carey11 (10b)
  • Shoriful Islam4-0-29-2
  • Mustafizur Rahman3-0-8-0
Shoriful Islam to Christian, FOUR, short of a length, swings across the line, gets a big top edge and it scoots away to third man!. Australia stay in touch
Shoriful Islam to Carey, 1 run, short, very wide outside off, takes the toe end of the bat as Carey thrashes it square
Shoriful Islam to Carey, FOUR, short of a length, connects strongly with a swatted pull that goes wide of long-on for a precious boundary
Shoriful Islam to Christian, 1 run, back of a length, straight, pushed through point
Shoriful Islam to Carey, 1 run, full, wide outside off, drives through the covers to the sweeper...Bangladesh won't worry about singles now

Dan Christian walks in. This is why he's been selected. But Carey on strike

Shoriful Islam to Marsh, OUT, high the air, taken at long-off! Wild celebrations for Bangladesh. Short of a length, Marsh tried to go down the ground but it skewed off the bat. Long-off, Naim, did well to make the ground in and take the catch. Is that the game?

MR Marsh c Mohammad Naim b Shoriful Islam 51 (75m 47b 6x4 1x6) SR: 108.51

Australia need this to be a pretty big over. Who will bowl it? Key decision coming here. It's Shoriful

17 | 4 Runs | AUS: 94/3 (34 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.52, RRR: 11.33)

  • Alex Carey5 (7b)
  • Mitchell Marsh51 (46b)
  • Mustafizur Rahman3-0-8-0
  • Mahedi Hasan2-0-18-0
Mustafizur Rahman to Carey, no run, defeats him again! Length outside off, goes without saying it's a slower ball, turns and dies under Carey's bat as he swings to leg. Another masterful over from Mustafizur
Mustafizur Rahman to Marsh, 1 run, tight run as Marsh can only run this short-of-a-length delivery to backward point

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8MS WadeBR McDermott
2nd63MR MarshBR McDermott
3rd3MC HenriquesMR Marsh
4th20MR MarshAT Carey
5th23DT ChristianAT Carey