Presentation of certificates

Sri Lanka Cricket

"The greatest tribute that we can pay to our departed ones in the Tsunami devastation is to help and build up the lives of the survivors of this tragedy, We must all get together and uplift the standard of these survivors".

These sentiments were expressed by the Hon. Deputy Minister of Sports Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, at the conclusion of the five day programme conducted by Green Cross Assistance for Sports Oriented Persons on Trauma Counseling for Tsunami Survivors organized by Cricket-Aid at the presentation of Certificates to the participants by the Deputy Minister of Sports at SLC Headquarters.

Over hundred participants from various sports bodies participated in this program conducted by GCA a part of Florida State University's Academy of Traumatology, to counsel people in areas affected by Tsunamis experiencing many different emotional and physical responses at this time. Some of these include confusion, fear, sleeplessness, some may be in a state of shock others may be aggressive.

The GCA programme will bring great value to Cricket-Aid which already have embarked on a short and long term plan to help those affected by this tragedy.

Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala Chairman Cricket-Aid in a vote of thanks expressed his gratitude to GCA and all those who participated in this programme. Special thanks were bestowed to World Vision officials who were present, further, he thanked Bandula Warnapura, Duleep Mendis, Malcom Perera, Jerome Jayaratne, Sudath Pasqual, Godfrey Dabrera and all those who contributed to make this Programme a success.

Present on this occasion were Mr. Milton Amarasinghe - Director General of Sports Development - Ministry of Sports, Mrs. Kathy Regan Vice President GCA and Officials of GCA, Officials of the Sports Ministry and SLC.