ICC To Consider Code Of Conduct For Board Officials (3 Jul 1996)

3 July 1996

ICC To Consider Code Of Conduct For Cricket Board Officials

BY Sa`adi Thawfeeq

A Code of Conduct for Cricket Board officials which could lead to suspension from holding an official position with a Board, is high on the agenda of the International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting which is to be held from July 5 - 9 at Lord`s.

This new expansion to the already existing Code of Conduct for players and team officials comes in the wake of public comments made by Board officials, especially from Sri Lanka and India.

During the recent cricket tour to Australia by the Sri Lanka team, Sri Lanka Cricket Board vice president Thilanga Sumathipala made critical public comments on the ball tampering allegations (where match referee Graham Dowling`s action was criticised) and the calling of Muthiah Muralitharan for throwing (where umpire Darrell Hair was criticised and his future appointments opposed).

These comments were made despite the playing conditions stating that neither team has a right of objection to the appointment of an umpire. However, the playing conditions only covered players and team officials.

During the current tour of England by India, the Indian Cricket Board president Inderjit Singh Bindra accused Hair, who officiated in the first two Tests of the series of incompetence and `racial bias` and, slammed Hair`s status as an international umpire as `a disgrace`.

The ICC`s view on these issues is that if they expect the players to abide by a certain set of standards, the game`s administrators are duty-bound to set the highest possible example.

The ICC is also of the view that if the standard of umpiring is to rise to meet the expectations of the modern professional game, then it is the duty of the ICC to back umpires publicly and privately when they take tough decisions.

In this regard, the ICC will consider implementing similar penalties as in the Code of Conduct, and push for a suspension from holding an official position with a Board.

Source :: Daily News (http://www.lanka.net)