Edward Aschoff's fiancee grateful for 'memories of all the lives he touched'

Katy Berteau, the fiancée of Edward Aschoff, tweeted her thanks for the "outpouring of love" shown since the ESPN college football reporter's death Tuesday after a brief illness.

"I want to say thank you to everyone who has expressed their sympathies, condolences, and prayers for me and his family and friends," Berteau wrote on Aschoff's Twitter feed Thursday.

"The outpouring of love, admiration, and gratitude for his life have been so incredible, and have helped me through these last few days. It has brought me brief moments of joy in this darkness to see all the pictures, videos, and memories of all the lives he touched."

Aschoff died on his 34th birthday. He and Berteau were to be married in New Orleans in April.

Berteau also clarified the cause of Aschoff's death in her tweets.

"Edward was admitted to the hospital a week after our first visit to the ER, where he was diagnosed with multifocal pneumonia," Berteau wrote. "After failed antibiotic treatment, with worsening of symptoms, we took him back to the ER and he was immediately admitted.

"After many tests -- bone marrow and lung biopsies -- treatment was started for a presumed diagnosis of HLH [hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis], an unregulated, over-activation of the immune system that causes it to attack itself and other healthy tissues. Within 3 days of being moved into the ICU, he passed."

Berteau shared her story in a dozen posts, which included photos of the couple together, most of which showed Aschoff with a wide smile.

A talented storyteller, whether he was on camera or crafting a written piece, Aschoff joined ESPN in 2011 as part of the SEC blog network after covering recruiting and Florida football for The Gainesville Sun. A graduate of the University of Florida, Aschoff had a keen sense of humor and connected with many he crossed paths with, be it professionally or personally.

Urban Meyer, who coached the Gators during Aschoff's time at Florida and with The Gainesville Sun, replied to Berteau's tweets Thursday, writing, "First Class young man we knew from our days in Gville. Excellent at his job. Gods Mercy Katy."

Berteau said a small memorial will be held in Oxford, Mississippi, and a main service will be held in Atlanta with details to come.

"I couldn't be more proud that the one thing people are talking about most was his ability to lift them up with his energy, light, and that all-encompassing smile," Berteau wrote.