Fantasy football consistency ratings: 2020-22

Tyler Lockett has long been a boom-or-bust player, and the Consistency Ratings bear that out as well. Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Updated Jan. 11, 2023 (through Week 18 of 2022)

How consistency ratings work

Using fantasy points determined by ESPN's standard scoring, the charts contained in this column rate players based upon how consistently reliable they were during the 2020 through 2022 seasons, a span of 53 weeks' worth of games (17 weeks in 2020 and 18 weeks apiece in 2021 and 2022). For IDPs (individual defensive players), the scoring from our weekly rankings is used: solo tackle (1.5), assisted tackle (0.75), tackle for loss (2), sack (4), interception (5), forced fumble (4), fumble recovery (4), touchdown (6), safety (2), pass defended (1.5). To familiarize you with the terminology and column headers listed in the charts below:

Start%: The player's "start percentage," which shows how often he earned your start in an ESPN standard PPR (points per reception) league. This is his number of "Starts" -- those defined below -- divided by his number of scheduled team games.

CR: The player's "consistency rating," which is calculated as his weekly standard deviation divided by his PPR fantasy points per game average. This is meant to identify the players who were most consistently close to their weekly averages. The lower the number, the more consistent the player. Again, lower numbers are better.

nPPR%: The player's start percentage using non-PPR scoring, using ESPN's standard scoring settings without any points per reception.

FPTS/G: The player's average PPR fantasy points scored per game.

Start: The number of times that the player's point total in a given week was worthy of having had him active in an ESPN standard PPR league.

Star: The number of times the player's point total ranked among the top at his position.

Stiff: The number of times the player's point total ranked among the worst at his position, making almost any waiver-wire option a smarter choice.

These are the benchmarks for what constitutes a "Start," "Star" or "Stiff" performance:

Sat: The number of times the player missed a game. Players are not charged "Stiff" points for sitting out, nor does it impact their overall consistency rating (CR), but it hurts their overall start percentage (Start%).

Players must have had a start percentage of at least 20 in either standard PPR or non-PPR scoring, must rank among the top 20 quarterbacks, tight ends or kickers, top 50 running backs or wide receivers, or top 40 defensive linemen, linebackers or defensive backs, in terms of total fantasy points at their position from 2020 to '22, or have averaged at least 40 snaps per game, for inclusion in the chart. All defense/special teams are included regardless of whether they met those minimums.