Herrera to El Tri: Twitter yes, sex no

El Tri players can spend all the time they want on Facebook and Twitter, but according to coach Miguel Herrera, they are forbidden from having sex with their wives or girlfriends during the World Cup.

"No, no one," Herrera told Reforma newspaper. "If a player can't go one month or 20 days without having sexual relations, then they are not prepared to be a professional player. All the players we have selected have a pretty good resume, they all have won great things, they have been champions and obviously, they know what they want to achieve."

Herrera said players are expected to give total concentration to football, because losing a match could mean elimination.

"So then we will not be looking for sex or having sex at the World Cup just to have it, we are going to go after what we came for, a competition that gives us the opportunity to rise above and do something really great. So I don't think that the guys even have this on their minds. They don't have an idea about it. We talked about it because there was a buzz about it and we got criticized because I commented that in a team you have to worry about what is best for the team. In a club, you lose one week and you get a second chance the next week. But on a national team, you lose once and you are out of the World Cup."

Mexico has faced scandal in previous events, most recently with Marco Fabian among eight players kicked off the team prior to the 2011 Copa America for a prostitution scandal as well as the incident that saw Carlos Vela banned for six months in 2010 for allegedly throwing a party at a team hotel following a friendly against Colombia earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Herrera clarified his comments, adding that there is no way he can enforce the policy.

"I am not thinking about prohibiting sex. I am thinking about football. I hope the players are thinking the same way," he said. "Forty days of sexual abstinence is not going to hurt anyone."

As for social media, Herrera said he had no issues with his players spending time on their cell phones, but added that he hoped they would be responsible about it.

"They can bring their phones to communicate with their families, chat and all that, obviously," he said. "For those who like social media, I have no problem. This is not boot camp, it's the World Cup."