28-18, 15-6 away
22-23, 14-9 home

Scoring Summary

1stBogaerts grounded out to first, Verdugo scored, Martinez to second.10
1stDevers doubled to deep left, Martinez scored.20
3rdSegura homered to center (433 feet), McCutchen scored.22
5thDanny Santana homered to right (374 feet).32
5thBogaerts singled to left, Verdugo scored on error and Martinez scored on throwing error by third baseman Bohm, Bogaerts to third.52
6thRenfroe singled to left center, Vázquez scored on error, Renfroe safe at second on fielding error by left fielder McCutchen.62
6thBohm singled to left, Segura scored.63
7thDevers homered to right (387 feet), E. Hernández scored.83
9thVázquez doubled to deep right, Devers scored, Martinez scored and Bogaerts scored.113