Top MLB draft prospects to watch in 2021 College World Series

As an entry into both the College World Series and the MLB draft, I wanted to break down some of the top prospects in the CWS as well as provide a quick breakdown of the talent for each of the eight qualifying teams. I'm limiting my scope to the type of talent found in the top two to three rounds, so there are plenty of solid contributors -- maybe even some soon-to-be 2021 CWS heroes -- who won't be on here because the draft stock of a 22-year-old first baseman with average tools or a one-and-a-half-pitch reliever just isn't that high and all of these teams have a number of them.

While this is a solid indicator of which teams have the most pro-style, blue-chip talent, I wouldn't treat it as a great handicapper for CWS success, except in extreme situations (i.e. Vanderbilt can be seen as a favorite), because depth, short-term performance and luck will play key roles.

If you're paying casual attention to college baseball and the MLB draft, you might not know that the 2022 draft class already has proved to be loaded a full year in advance, but the list below makes that more clear. If not noted, prospects are 2021 draft-eligible.