ESPN and BT Sport launch new baseball show for Brits - Caps Off

ESPN is teaming up with BT Sport to produce a new show aimed at British baseball fans called Caps Off.

Caps Off debuts on MLB Opening Day on March 28 and will air every Thursday on ESPN's YouTube channels and Facebook pages, as well as BT Sport's TV channels.

The show is hosted by ESPN SportsCenter's Phil Murphy and commentator Mark Donaldson (who is from Scotland) and aims to show a British audience the best of what American baseball has to offer.

Caps Off will introduce viewers to the stars of the sport and the biggest match-ups in baseball every week, as well as giving an insight into the culture of the game, on everything from the fans to the food.

Phil said: "It's exciting and humbling to share our passion for baseball with like-minded supporters in the U.K. Seeing their appetite for the game, I'm thrilled to create this show and connect with them off-air throughout the summer."

Mark added: "I can't wait to get started. The positive feedback we've already had on social media from baseball fans in the U.K. suggests there's definitely a gap in the market for our show."

Mark is not the only U.K. native who will feature on the show, however, as there will be regular appearances from Joey Mellows, otherwise known as the Baseball Brit.

Joey recently quit his job and is using his life savings to travel the U.S. and watch a game in every Major League Baseball stadium. He will be returning to the U.K. in June, to watch the New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox at London Stadium.

The build up to London Series will be a key feature of Caps Off, as Phil and Mark track the Road to London and explore the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, two giants of the sport.