Frank Kaminsky carries baby down dozens of floors amid evacuation

The Charlotte Hornets were between games Thursday. But Frank Kaminsky still came off the bench to save the day.

Kaminsky, whose high-rise apartment building in Charlotte, North Carolina, was evacuated like many buildings around the country in response to bomb threats, said after shootaround Friday, according to the Charlotte Observer, that he made his way down dozens of floors with a snack and the neighbor's baby -- after forgetting his keys.

"I had to walk down 49 stories because they shut off the elevators," said the fourth-year power forward, who added that fire alarms are common at the building but that he usually ignores them. "Instead of grabbing my keys and my wallet, I grabbed a box of Cheez-Its for the long journey down."

Kaminsky said he has lived in the building for four years and ran into a mother he knew on the way down the stairs.

"About three stories down, there was a lady with a baby and a dog and a couple of other things she had to carry," Kaminsky said. "So I just helped her carry the baby."

Kaminsky insisted with a laugh that he was simply a good Samaritan and not a hero, according to the Observer.

It wasn't clear how Kaminsky got back into his place without keys, but he said he waited for the building to resume service of its elevators before heading back up.

"I'm not walking back up 49 floors," Kaminsky said. "That's just not a thing that's going to happen."