Brian Goorjian: Boomers ready for China, Japan FIBA challenge

Goorj: Magic-esque role for Giddey & Dyson Daniels' versatile talent (1:55)

Boomers coach Brian Goorjian joins Ball and the Real World to discuss the role Josh Giddey honed in his rookie year and Dyson Daniels' ascending potential. (1:55)

Preparations for the next FIBA World Cup qualifying window are underway, with Boomers head coach Brian Goorjian confirming the squad will be finalised in the near future.

Australia will play China twice and Japan once in a 'Group B' slot that tips off on June 30 from John Cain Arena in Melbourne.

"We're in the process, late in the process," Goorjian told ESPN's Ball and the Real World podcast. "Working out who is available, who is going to play in Summer League, who will put their hand up for this."

With the window falling in close proximity to NBA Summer League and the NBA Draft, availability will be impacted. While acknowledging what is expected to be strong opposition, Goorjian pointed to the much-needed rest required for the NBA contingent - particularly those that were a part of the Bronze Medal squad in Tokyo.

"You've got the NBA group, those players play in a competition like the Olympics after 82 games lead in, right back into a season and now this window, they've got to get rest.

"If it falls on the NBL component, I know what China and Japan are bringing to the table, if we go below the Dellys, the Cooks, the Duops, it's going to be really, really difficult."

Goorjian heaped praise on Grand Final MVP Xavier Cooks as the dominant NBL22 local, with the Sydney Kings forward a likely candidate to be in the mix for the Paris 2024 Olympics squad.

"The standout was Xavier Cooks. Amazing. I thought Chase (Buford) did a tremendous job of how he used him. Certain players you look at and they don't have a position and I used to have an example of Mark Worthington, so he's either (no position), or he's really versatile," he said.

"What Chase did is he made him versatile. If you put a big on him he had the ball and he was bringing it up the court, he could get in the paint. If he's got a mismatch, he could force a switch. It opened my eyes to that; I just think he was a total mismatch and I think he as a bright international future."

Aside from Cooks, Goorjian was impressed by a number of the young talent across the league, including a defensive stopper recently signed by the Illawarra Hawks from the champion Sydney Kings.

"Then you had Wani Swaka Lo Buluk at Sydney, Glover at Sydney, Bul Kuol out of Cairns, I just thought there was some perimeter guys, like what we got with Dante Exum and Matisse Thybulle, that was a piece internationally that Andrej Lemanis and the coaches prior didn't have that made such a huge difference.

"It was a missing piece, that lengthy wing that can put ball pressure on. I think back to Luka Doncic, the job Matisse and Dante did. The guys I just described I think on an international stage have the potential to do that. The youth in the NBL this year, there was some nice perimeter pieces but the standout, the eye opener, was Xavier Cooks."

Looking beyond next month's FIBA window, Dyson Daniels looms as the next Australian talent to fall in the NBA draft lottery, with Goorjian not shying away from the prospect of the two-way guard playing alongside Oklahoma City Thunder rising star, Josh Giddey in the future.

"You had the excitement of Josh Giddey and all that he's done, just an unbelievable talent. What he does from an international standpoint, he's unique. He's a point guard that makes every else around him better. Magic Johnson-ish. Gets his feet in the paint, finds people, a guy that you want to play with.

"Dyson is different. Dyson is a big strong, evolving as a point, more than comfortable playing off the ball. He doesn't have to have the ball in his hands. You look down the road, yes, Dyson could play, and you could rest Josh, or the two of them could play together no concern. What Dyson brings is the element that is so important. A lengthy guy that defends, can carry the ball, can play the two."

Next month's games in Melbourne will not only present Goorjian with his first opportunity to coach the Boomers since the Olympics, but it will also be the squad's first time back on home soil since the historic Bronze in Tokyo.

Aside from being a celebration, the three-game slate will provide an opportunity for some new faces to put their hand up on an international stage.

"We're trying to get committed the top end NBL guys and guys in their career that aren't established in the NBA. This is a good showcase, not only for Australia but for their next job. We're trying to get commitment as we speak."

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