NFL training camps: Fantasy football tips, nuggets and what I learned at Titans, Colts and Saints stops

Can Jameis Winston succeed with Michael Thomas injured? (1:03)

Dan Orlovsky says Jameis Winston needs Michael Thomas to be available for him to succeed as the Saints' QB. (1:03)

Hopefully, you didn't think I was done.

Last week, I recapped the first four stops of my training camp tour, when I visited the Bills, Steelers, Browns and Lions. I made three more stops. Drove from Detroit to Indianapolis and then from Indianapolis to Nashville, then flew from Nashville to New Orleans. (Eight-and-a-half hours is a little bit outside of my maximum preferred driving time.) Then I finally flew home after two weeks on the road.

Since many of you seemed to enjoy the updates from my first four stops, I thought I'd send in a recap of the final three. These include notes on the quarterback situations in Indianapolis and New Orleans, the latest on star wide receivers Julio Jones and Michael Thomas and a whole bunch of tips that could help you draft your fantasy football team soon.

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Indianapolis Colts

Dates I visited: Aug. 7-8