Steelers rookie dumps Browns theme in home

PITTSBURGH -- New Steeler Justin Layne promised on draft night "we're taking all the Browns stuff down" from his Cleveland home.

Layne wasn't lying, and his dad had his back.

"Yes, sir. Oh yeah, Browns everywhere, my dad took it all down and replaced it -- literally everything, every flag I had," said Layne, a cornerback picked in the third round, on Friday from Pittsburgh's rookie minicamp. "So it's all done. We are fully committed."

How's this for commitment: Deondre Layne transformed a Browns-themed bathroom into a Steelers theme, documenting the process on Instagram. Layne's father was seen painting over the orange colors with yellow and posing from inside the finished product, beside a Steelers logo on the wall.

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That simple...

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Justin Layne played at Michigan State but was a basketball and football standout at Benedictine High School in Cleveland. Layne said he attended Browns games as a child and isn't sure what to think of Cleveland's recent roster upgrades leading to offseason buzz.

Layne is only concerned about his new colors now.

"I don't know what [dad] did with it, but all my stuff is gone," Layne said. "I threw all my stuff away. I don't have no use for it. So, yeah."