No. 1 meet No. 2: Chase Young forces Joe Burrow fumble at goal line

The battle between the 2020 NFL draft's top two overall pick produced a massive clash in Sunday's game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Football Team.

On fourth-and-goal from Washington's 3-yard line, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, this year's top overall draft pick, scrambled toward the end zone. Washington defensive end Chase Young, the No. 2 overall pick, was there to stop him.

Advantage: Young.

Young didn't just stop Burrow. He walloped the Bengals rookie and forced a fumble that was just as chaotic as the collision between Young and Burrow. Initially, the ball was ruled to have been advanced by Washington, fumbled again and recovered in the end zone for a safety. However, because of a Bengals holding penalty, Washington accepted the penalty, which negated the penalty and tentatively gave Cincinnati a chance to replay the down and kick a field goal.

Replay officials concluded Washington never had possession of the ball and the play was eventually ruled a touchback.

But regardless of what happened after the hit, the battle between the top draft picks and former Ohio State teammates lived up to the billing.

Burrow and Young were at Ohio State at the same time before Burrow transferred to LSU. Leading up to Sunday's game, Burrow had nothing but praise for the Washington edge rusher.

"One of a kind," Burrow said of Young. "He's a rare talent that is going to continue to get better every single game and every year." Sunday's goal-line collision showed why.