Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts pays off debt after losing Florida Gators-Tennessee Volunteers bet

Cordarrelle Patterson / Twitter

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Kyle Pitts was not happy on Wednesday.

Standing inside the Atlanta Falcons' locker room, the tight end was not wearing his usual clothes. Instead, he was in a pair of orange-and-white checkered overalls.

And it was all because of his teammate Cordarrelle Patterson, his strength coach Thomas Stallworth and a bet gone wrong for the former Florida Gator. Pitts made the friendly wager with Patterson -- who sits a handful of stalls down from him in the locker room -- and Stallworth. Had Florida won, Patterson and Stallworth would have had to wear Florida gear.

But the Volunteers prevailed 38-33, and Pitts had to fulfill his side of the bet.

"They put me in overalls," Pitts said with clear lamentation in his voice. "I think that's the worst part. Overalls."

Pitts did not know wearing overalls would be the result of the bet when he made it and said they were hanging in his locker Wednesday morning when he arrived.

Pitts did not do a Wednesday media scrum in the overalls, however, changing into regular clothes for a few minutes. Patterson wasn't going to let that go unnoticed, so he posted the picture instead.

Pitts and Patterson are two of the Falcons' main offensive options, along with rookie wide receiver Drake London, who will avoid having to make friendly wagers with either Pitts or Patterson because London went to Southern California.

The Falcons are set to face the Cleveland Browns in Atlanta in Week 4.