Scoring Summary


1stLipcius doubled to right, Carpenter scored, Cabrera to third.10
2ndTorkelson singled to left, Rogers scored, P. Meadows to third.20
4thBáez homered to right center (416 feet).30
6thRogers homered to center (391 feet).40
7thFletcher homered to left (358 feet).41
8thBáez doubled to left, Ibañez scored, Nevin scored and Short scored.71
8thVierling hit sacrifice fly to left, Báez scored, Rogers to third.81
8thTorkelson doubled to left, Rogers scored, P. Meadows to third.91
8thCarpenter singled to center, P. Meadows scored and Torkelson scored.111
9thWalsh homered to right center (435 feet).112
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