10:00Antonius Cleveland vs. Alan Williams00
9:41Daniel Johnson misses 25-foot three point jumper00
9:37Mitch McCarron offensive rebound00
9:27Mitch McCarron misses three point jumper00
9:23Ryan Broekhoff defensive rebound00
9:18Gary Browne misses 25-foot three point pullup jump shot00
9:13Sunday Dech defensive rebound00
9:01Daniel Johnson misses 13-foot jumper00
8:58Ryan Broekhoff defensive rebound00
8:49Mitchell Creek misses 13-foot two point shot00
8:45Daniel Johnson defensive rebound00
8:39Sunday Dech makes 25-foot three point jumper (Daniel Johnson assists)30
8:17Trey Kell out of bounds bad pass turnover30
7:59Antonius Cleveland misses 7-foot two point shot30
7:56Gary Browne defensive rebound30
7:53Trey Kell misses 25-foot three point pullup jump shot30
7:49Mitch McCarron defensive rebound30
7:43Robert Franks makes 25-foot three point jumper60
7:28Gary Browne makes layup62
7:15Daniel Johnson misses 25-foot three point jumper62
7:10Alan Williams defensive rebound62
7:05Gary Browne misses 26-foot three point pullup jump shot62
7:01Alan Williams offensive rebound62
6:59Alan Williams makes 12-foot two point shot64
6:42Antonius Cleveland misses 25-foot three point pullup jump shot64
6:38Gary Browne defensive rebound64
6:34Trey Kell makes 26-foot three pointer (Gary Browne assists)67
6:13Robert Franks misses layup67
6:09Mitchell Creek defensive rebound67
6:04Mitchell Creek misses 16-foot pullup jump shot67
6:01Mitch McCarron defensive rebound67
5:57Trey Kell personal foul67
5:57Sunday Dech substitution out67
5:57Anthony Drmic substitution in67
5:57Mitch McCarron misses free throw 1 of 267
5:57Mitch McCarron makes free throw 2 of 277
5:42Alan Williams makes 14-foot hook shot79
5:25Anthony Drmic makes 2-foot shot99
5:19Daniel Johnson substitution out99
5:19Hyrum Harris substitution in99
5:17Ryan Broekhoff bad pass (Antonius Cleveland steals)99
5:13Antonius Cleveland makes dunk119
4:51Mitchell Creek misses shot119
4:47Mitchell Creek offensive rebound119
4:46Alan Williams makes layup (Mitchell Creek assists)1111
4:32Anthony Drmic turnover Alan Williams1111
4:27Trey Kell makes 2-foot shot1113
4:27Hyrum Harris personal foul1113
4:27Trey Kell makes free throw 1 of 11114
4:09Alan Williams personal foul1114
4:09Ryan Broekhoff substitution out1114
4:09Reuben Te Rangi substitution in1114
4:09Mitch McCarron substitution out1114
4:09Sunday Dech substitution in1114
3:59Hyrum Harris traveling1114
3:47Trey Kell makes pullup jump shot1116
3:28Robert Franks misses 26-foot three point jumper1116
3:24Alan Williams defensive rebound1116
3:21Alan Williams bad pass (Robert Franks steals)1116
3:12Sunday Dech misses 25-foot three point pullup jump shot1116
3:08Mitchell Creek defensive rebound1116
3:04Mitchell Creek makes shot1118
2:46Sunday Dech misses 26-foot three point jumper1118
2:42Antonius Cleveland offensive rebound1118
2:41Antonius Cleveland makes layup1318
2:31Gary Browne misses 26-foot step back jumpshot1318
2:29Hyrum Harris defensive rebound1318
2:29Reuben Te Rangi personal foul1318
2:29Gary Browne substitution out1318
2:29Mitchell Creek substitution out1318
2:29Kyle Adnam substitution in1318
2:29Ryan Broekhoff substitution in1318
2:29Robert Franks substitution out1318
2:29Antonius Cleveland substitution out1318
2:29Hyrum Harris substitution out1318
2:29Mitch McCarron substitution in1318
2:29Kai Sotto substitution in1318
2:29Daniel Johnson substitution in1318
2:15Anthony Drmic bad pass (Alan Williams steals)1318
1:56Mitch McCarron personal foul1318
1:56Alan Williams makes free throw 1 of 21319
1:56Alan Williams makes free throw 2 of 21320
1:56Alan Williams substitution out1320
1:56Zhou Qi substitution in1320
1:49Sunday Dech turnover Kyle Adnam1320
1:34Trey Kell misses 12-foot two point shot1320
1:28Anthony Drmic defensive rebound1320
1:27Kyle Adnam personal foul1320
1:27Trey Kell substitution out1320
1:27Junior Madut substitution in1320
1:17Anthony Drmic misses two point shot1320
1:15Daniel Johnson offensive rebound1320
1:12Daniel Johnson misses layup1320
1:10Reuben Te Rangi defensive rebound1320
1:06Reuben Te Rangi misses 26-foot three point jumper1320
1:00Ryan Broekhoff offensive rebound1320
0:52Zhou Qi makes 2-foot dunk (Reuben Te Rangi assists)1322
0:34Zhou Qi personal foul1322
0:34Daniel Johnson makes free throw 1 of 21422
0:34Daniel Johnson makes free throw 2 of 21522
0:32Kyle Adnam makes 25-foot three pointer1525
0:08Reuben Te Rangi substitution out1525
0:08Gary Browne substitution in1525
0:08Junior Madut substitution out1525
0:08Mitchell Creek substitution in1525
0:08Sunday Dech makes 8-foot shot1725
0:08Kyle Adnam personal foul1725
0:08Sunday Dech makes free throw 1 of 11825
0:04Kyle Adnam misses 26-foot three point jumper1825
0:00Ryan Broekhoff offensive rebound1825
0:00Ryan Broekhoff misses layup1825
0:00Mitchell Creek offensive rebound1825
0:00Mitchell Creek makes layup1827
0:00End of the 1st Quarter1827