NCAA tournament media coordinator: No plan to release bracket

The NCAA has no plans to build and reveal an official 68-team bracket following the cancellation of the NCAA tournament on Thursday, David Worlock, the tournament's media coordinator, told ESPN on Friday.

"No plans to do that," Worlock said. "We hardly started the process. The priority for committee members then was to return home to tend to affairs on campus or conference offices."

This statement comes after NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt told CBS Sports that there was still a slight possibility of releasing a bracket in order to honor the 2019-20 men's Division I basketball season.

"We're hearing today there's interest from coaches and athletic directors from that," Gavitt told CBS Sports on Friday. "I wouldn't say we've shut down the idea completely, but there is, practically speaking, it's a bit challenging at this moment. ... There's pluses and minuses to any decision. If you put the field together, you could have teams, depending on that conference's policy, would not be the most obvious choice as the [automatic qualifier]. It's something we're going to continue to look at.

"This has been so fast, so emotional, we'll continue to think on it a little bit."

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl recently joined other coaches who have come out in favor of releasing an official bracket.

"My hope is that they have a selection Sunday and Auburn hears its name called," Pearl said on SportsCenter on Thursday. "Our name doesn't get called very often and when we put ourselves in position this year again to hear our name called and go play for a national championship."