Fins' Hurns suffers concussion in return to Dallas

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Miami Dolphins receiver Allen Hurns suffered a concussion in Sunday's 31-6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Hurns will remain in a Dallas hospital on Sunday night with a member of the Dolphins medical team to receive further observation.

The injury came just eight months after Hurns suffered a gruesome dislocated ankle at AT&T Stadium playing for the Cowboys in their playoff victory over the Seattle Seahawks in January.

Hurns suffered the concussion after taking an extremely hard hit from safety Jeff Heath over the middle trying to catch a Josh Rosen pass. It wasn't too far from the exact spot where Hurns suffered the ankle injury.

"That was probably one of the lower points of my career. I felt really bad about that," said Rosen, who threw the tight-window pass that led Hurns into the defender. "Hopefully he's OK. I think he's still meeting with the docs and stuff. It sucks."

Hurns was down for a minute or two before walking off the field with help from trainers. Heath, along with a number of Dolphins and Cowboys players, checked on Hurns before he eventually headed to the locker room.

"I saw it. I didn't like it at all. I felt like it wasn't a clean hit. The refs obviously missed it. Hurns is like my big brother. It kind of frustrated me and I was angry at (the refs)," receiver Jakeem Grant said. "I feel sad for (Hurns). He works hard, and next thing you know he gets a big hit and a concussion. I feel for him. I'll play for him. I'll keep him in my prayers. I couldn't even explain the feeling that he's going through right now."

Heath said of the hit: "You hate to see any player get injured like that, but especially him.

"Just praying for him and wanting him to know it wasn't intentional. I said that to him once he sat up, and I'm going to call or text him tonight. Hopefully I can get in touch with him. I mean around here we're trying to play hard, we're trying to win the game, but at the end of the day when the game's over, we go home to our families and when our careers are over, we have long lives after this."

Rosen was also checked for a concussion after hitting his head on the turf after a scramble. He missed six plays -- Ryan Fitzpatrick entered for him -- before being cleared to return and immediately re-entering the game.